Water Meter and AMI Project

Improving Our Village with New “Smart” Water Meters

The Village values the safety, security, and health of its residents. In line with these priorities, the Village of Itasca is working to modernize the water meter system. This upgrade aims to improve the water customer experience and make water operations more efficient.

This fall, you will receive a letter from the Village, inviting you to schedule a water meter replacement appointment with the project subcontractor, United Meters Inc. These upgrades are important for our water utility system, and resident cooperation is needed. There will be no costs for water customers for the water meter replacement.

Your cooperation is appreciated, and our staff is available to answer your questions. Feel free to reach out to us at (630) 773-2455.

“Smart" Technology

The Village will be installing “smart” water meter technology that utilizes a remote wireless meter reading process through the Sensus water meter product line. Sensus is a leader in this industry and is known for its reliability, accuracy, and longevity.

The installation of new “smart” water meters will improve the water customer experience by giving customers greater access to their water usage, allowing them to monitor high usage, quickly detect water leaks, and establish water conservation programs.  

The new “smart” meter reading system, Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), is an automatic process that collects readings multiple times a day as well as on-demand, as the figure below explains. 

AMI Water Meter

Smart Savings

The new “smart” meter system will eliminate the cost of staff hours needed for meter readings, reduce the Village’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need for the “drive-by” meter readings, and help us comply with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ requirements to detect water leaks and minimize water loss in our system.  

How The Process Works


  1. On the day of the appointment,  a UMI contractor will arrive within the established appointment window. If the UMI crew is running behind or ahead of schedule, you will receive a call to communicate the crew status. The installer will be wearing a uniform and have an identification badge showing their affiliation with the Village and UMI. The installer will be driving a vehicle that is clearly placarded with the UMI logo. If you have concerns over whether this person is an authorized meter installer, call the Village or UMI to confirm that their name is on the list of authorized personnel.
  2. Upon arrival, the installer will introduce themselves and briefly describe the meter change out process.
  3. The installer will ask you to take them to the water meter. UMI requests that all boxes, furniture, or other items that may be obstructing the meter are moved prior to their arrival. UMI will request this at the time the initial appointment is made and during the reminder call the day before the appointment.
  4. Your water will be turned off for a short period of time (approximately 15-30 minutes).
  5. The current water meter will then removed and a new water meter will be installed. A new transmitter wired to the new meter will also be installed (usually mounted on the exterior of your residence or building) and programmed.
  6. After meter installation, installation data is collected using a handheld computer.
  7. Time stamped installation information includes pictures, current meter read, new meter read, serial number, transmitter serial number, and customer signature.