Citizen Feedback

The Itasca Police Department places great importance on citizen feedback as a means of improving its services and building strong relationships with the community. One of the ways we actively seek input from the community is through community meetings. These meetings provide a platform for residents to express their concerns, share ideas, and engage in productive discussions with our officers. We value the opportunity to listen and address any issues raised, as well as to provide updates on our initiatives and activities.

In addition to community meetings, the Itasca Police Department utilizes surveys to gather feedback from residents. These surveys allow community members to provide their opinions, suggestions, and evaluations of the department's performance. By collecting this data, the department gains valuable insights into community priorities, concerns, and expectations, which can inform decision-making and policy development.

Direct communication is also encouraged by the Itasca Police Department. Community members are welcome to reach out to officers directly with their feedback, concerns, or questions. This approach allows for personalized interactions, enabling officers to address individual needs and provide immediate assistance. Whether it's through face-to-face conversations, phone calls, or emails, the department is committed to being accessible and responsive to the community.

Furthermore, the Itasca Police Department has established a clear process for community members to file compliments or complaints. When individuals wish to express appreciation for an officer's exemplary service or provide positive feedback, they can do so by contacting the department and sharing their experience. On the other hand, if a community member has a complaint or concern regarding the conduct or actions of an officer, there is a structured system in place to address and investigate those matters. This process ensures that all feedback, whether positive or negative, is taken seriously and receives appropriate attention.