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Application for Reverse Commuter Parking

  1. Application for Reverse Commuter Parking Space
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  3. What constitutes a "Reverse Commuter"?
    A Reverse Commuter is a person who commutes to Itasca in order to work at an Itasca business. Itasca residents may also use this lot to use the Metra for purposes of commuting to their work if their hours are overnight.
  4. How many spaces are available in this lot?
    In total, we have 13 parking spaces used for reverse commuter parking at the South Maple Street Parking Lot.
  5. What is the cost of this parking space?
    $75 per calendar quarter in order to use this space. Methods of payment are cash, check, or credit card.
  6. Proof of Employment
    We require proof of employment in order to obtain a permit to use these spaces. The following application will request employer contact information.
  7. Please provide a phone number for someone within your organization to confirm employment.
  8. Please describe the make, model, year, color and license plate number of the vehicle(s) that will be parked in the space. If you plan on using multiple vehicles, please list all of them.
  9. Once a permit card is issued, that card MUST be displayed on any vehicle parking in the designated spaces. If not displayed, permit owners will be subject to ticketing.
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