Why is my water bill so high?

The 2 most common reasons for a high water bill are:

  1. Increased water consumption: Water consumption typically increases drastically during the summer months due to lawn watering, kids being out of school, and filling a pool. An average size 21-foot round pool with a depth of 48 inches can hold 13,500 gallons of water. Additionally, water irrigation systems can use a lot of water. For instance, each turf zone can use an average of 12 gallons per minute. So if you use 4 zones for only 30 minutes per day, you will consume 1,440 gallons of water a day. During the winter months, holiday guests and furnaces with humidifiers account for increases in water consumption.  
  2. Water leaks: Water leaks happen often and can result in a high water bill. Some leaks are hard to detect and the first clue of a leak is typically a high water bill. A toilet leak, depending on the severity, can waste anywhere from 30 gallons a day up to as much as 4,000 gallons a day. 

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