How Can I Protect My Home?
You can protect your home from burglars while you are gone by using the following checklist:
  • Arrange with a trusted person to pick up your mail and newspapers so they don’t accumulate or notify your news carrier and the post office to hold these deliveries
  • Make arrangements to have the lawn mowed or snow shoveled while you are gone
  • Take valuables to your bank deposit box or other secure location
  • Deposit extra cash in your bank account
  • Make sure any broken windows, door locks, or window locks are repaired and that all sliding doors and windows are secured with a bar
  • Set timers to turn on lights, radio, or television periodically to give your home a lived-in look
  • Arrange with a trusted person to watch your home and give them a spare key
    • Let them know where and how you can be reached in case of an emergency
    • Write their telephone number down so you can check with them during your trip
    • Let them know of anyone who might have legitimate access to the house
  • Make certain that all windows and doors are closed and locked
    • Lock your garage door(s)
    • Check all doors and windows to ensure they are secured