Rear Yard Drainage Assistance Program

Rear Yard Drainage Assistance Program (Storm Water)

The Village of Itasca recognizes that several areas of the village, including private property, do not have positive drainage of storm water to the Village rights of way. For health and safety reasons the Village is implementing a rear yard drainage policy including a public/private cost share program.

Many factors will be taken into consideration when determining whether a rear yard drainage system will help or add to an existing storm water drainage problem. A rear yard drain is not always the best course of action. Other methods of controlling nuisance-standing water and flooding will be considered; including, dry wells, rain gardens, rain barrels, etc.

The Village recognizes that individual property owners are responsible for their own property and takes no responsibility for storm water on private property but does feel that a public-private partnership could be useful in some situations.

Program Requirements

  1. Upon request by a resident, the Public Works Department will meet with the resident and assess the problem, when necessary, consult our engineers to determine the best course of action
  2. Once a rear yard drain is determined to be the best course of action by the Village, the resident must complete a written application for Village cost participation to be reviewed and approved by the Director of Public Works or designee
  3. Residents must provide 3 quotes from registered qualified contractors. All permits, insurance, and bonding will be the resident's responsibility
  4. Drawings / plans must be provided to the Community Development Department and reviewed by the Village engineers to verify compliance with good engineering practices and are consistent with village policy and procedures
  5. The contractor will perform the installation. All connections must be inspected by the Village
  6. Resident will pay the contractor and provide the Village with proof of payment including a waiver of lien from the contractor, cancelled check, itemized receipt and certified payroll if applicable. After review and acceptance of all documents, the Village will reimburse the resident 50% of labor and material up to $3,000 per resident
  7. If a resident chooses to install rear yard drainage system themselves without using a contractor, the Village will reimburse 50% of the cost of materials only up to $3,000

The resident will assume all maintenance responsibilities on their property. 

Rear Yard Drainage Assistance Program Package                                                         

 Criteria for Village Cost Share Participation

  1. Itasca residents only
  2. Overland storm water that causes direct damage to structures or home flooding
  3. Standing water for over 72 consecutive hours
  4. Multiple residential/home owner impact

Ineligible for Village Funding Criteria

  1. Rental or income property
  2. New construction or remodeling that requires storm water control measures
  3. Sump pump discharge relief
  4. Multiple installation at 1 property (1-time participation only)
  5. Maintenance and repair of existing storm sewer systems

The Village reserves the right to deny Village Cost Participation for any reason. A resident may appeal a denial to the Infrastructure Committee. The Village will provide a point of relief (access to the municipal storm water sewer system) if existing storm water sewer system is within 300 feet of private property.

At no time does the Village participation relieve the resident of their responsibilities under Municipal Ordinance Code, Federal, State, and/or County storm water regulations. Residents choosing to install storm water sewer system without Village Cost Participation will follow existing Community Development Department requirements.