New Cart Garbage Collection System

Automated Cart Collection System
The Village Of Itasca will be going to an automated cart collection system with its garbage company, Republic Services (Allied). New carts will be delivered starting Monday, September 10th through Friday, September 14th. Once you receive your carts, please start to use them. These carts are free of charge to residents with curbside pick up. If you previously rented carts you will no longer be charged the monthly fee on your water bill. When the carts are delivered there will be an information pamphlet inside them that should explain in detail the whole program.

Each residence will receive 1 95-gallon cart for garbage and 1 65-gallon cart for recycling. These carts have wheels and lids. Once the carts have been delivered, residents will have the option of changing the size of their carts to better fit their individual needs. If you wish to have your cart size changed, again after the initial delivery, please contact Republic Services (Allied) at 847-981-0091. They will schedule a pick- up and exchange of carts.

The New Program Overview
  • Trash shall be placed in the approved blue cart with a blue lid. Any additional trash left at the curb will also be collected.
  • All recyclables shall be placed in the approved blue cart with a green lid Recyclables can be co-mingled.
  • The driver will continue to take extra items at the curb under the same rules as before.
  • The carts remain the property of Republic Services (Allied). They will be replaced, free of charge if damaged.
  • Recyclables should not be placed in any other container. If you need a larger cart please arrange for 1 with Republic (Allied).
  • Yard waste is still collected in paper bags (no change) or in containers marked yard waste. If you want to rent a cart please contact Republic
  • Extra carts are available for a monthly rental fee.
  • Monday is still our collection day
Standard garbage cart with a blue lid
Recycling cart with a green lid
Why the Change?
The Village’s contract with its current provider was due to expire next year. In our negotiations for an extension the contractor offered the Village a significant savings to go with automated carts along with the ability to keep Monday collection. We have also negotiated for better terms on rate increases going out into the future. The Village, who currently pays for the entire cost of once a week collection, will save its residents approximately $80,000 over the next 2 years. In addition, those residents who have previously rented these carts will now not be charged saving $2.50 a month per container. This amounts to an additional overall savings of $9,200.

Of course there are other important benefits to this program as well. Carts are cleaner, easier to use and allow for an expansion of recycling. We believe our Village will be cleaner, especially on windy days. No more garbage blowing about. And, as a community we are striving to be more ecologically friendly, so we are encouraging recycling and trying to make it easier to do so!

We hope you enjoy this enhancement to our garbage, recycling and yard waste collection program.