Public Education

Annual Tours

  • The Itasca Fire District provides an annual tour to about 150 Itasca fifth graders giving lessons in fire safety at the Firehouse. The tour includes a demonstration where firefighters set two rooms on fire that are set up in the fire station parking lot. One room has sprinklers, one does not. "We teach them the importance of getting out of a house in case there's a fire," said Jenny Bahr, firefighter/paramedic. Firefighters put the fires out and are able to show the damage in each room.
    The children are able to see that the room with the sprinkler had minimal damage, the room without the sprinkler was engulfed quickly in flames, and everything was destroyed.
    "We try to teach them fire safety and just the importance of getting out, staying out and staying low in the smoke," Bahr said, "because fire does spread rapidly."
    For further information regarding this tour, please contact the fire district at 630-773-1223
  • 5th Grade Annual Tour Video