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Haymarket - Public Comment Form

  1. Public Comment Form for Haymarket Proposal

  2. Due to state mandates limiting the size of gatherings, the Plan Commission has implemented new procedures (which are available below) for conducting large scale public hearings remotely. Moving forward those wishing to actively participate in the hearing, may do so through advance sign-up. There is no need to resubmit questions, once you have completed the form. Requests will be processed in the order received.

  3. Additionally, in order to streamline the process and ensure all information is heard, the entirety of the case will be heard before questions from the general public are accepted. Only Plan Commissioners and established interested parties will be able to question a witness directly after testimony.

  4. Please select the meeting date you wish to provide questions/comments at. Depending on the stage of the proceeding and/or volume of submittals, your comment or question may not be heard on the date of your choosing.

  5. What is the difference between questioning and public comment at a public hearing?

    During questioning, the public is provided an opportunity to ask the petitioner and/or the other parties involved, direct questions about the information they presented. Public Comment is reserved as a time for the public to express their opinions or make general statements to the commission regarding the matter. In both circumstances, questions/comments should be addressed to the chairman.

  6. I want to participate in the meeting by:*

    Please choose 1 (one) submission method. Example: Either choose to submit a written question or choose to ask question over the phone. Do not select both, as only method may be honored. Since providing public comment is separate from asking a question, you may elect to submit both a question and comment on the same form.

  7. If approved to be present at Village Hall, do you intend to ask a question or provide public comment?*

  8. Are you an Interested Party?*

    An “interested party” is a party that has an interest with extends beyond that of the general public and is entitled to protections by judicial relief. Interested parties fall into three categories: (1) any property owner adjacent to the subject property; (2) any property owner within 250-feet of the subject property ; or (3) any individual or entity who can demonstrate that it will suffer a unique injury or special damages different from the general public. A party’s status as a taxpayer alone is insufficient to qualify as an interested party.

  9. Have you applied to become an interested party?*

    Individuals or entities must apply to be recognized by the Plan Commission as an “interested party.” Written applications must be submitted by October 23, 2020. Applications will be made public and disclosed to all other parties. No late applications will be accepted.

  10. Who would you like to direct your question to?

    While your preference will be considered, the party to whom the question is posed to, will determine which witness or representative is best suited to answer the question.

  11. The public is encouraged to submit written questions in advance of the public hearing in lieu of live questions. The deadline for submission is 2 hours before the meeting. Written questions received will be read into the record by staff at the appropriate point in the public hearing. You may also upload your questions using the button below.

  12. Written comments must be submitted 2 hours before the meeting. Comments will be read into the record by staff at the appropriate point in the public hearing. You may also upload your questions using the button below.

  13. Will you be referencing any documents during your questioning*

  14. Do you have any additional documents to accompany your comment?*

  15. Special note on documents used in questioning: Any documents that will be used during questioning must be provided 5 to 7 days prior to the meeting. Documents submitted later then this will not be permitted.

  16. Audio Recording*

  17. Request to be physically present is not guaranteed*

    Requests to be physically present at the meeting, will be handled on a first come, first serve basis, with priority going to parties classified as "interested parties." Due to restrictions on gatherings, not all requests will be accommodated. Individuals who are approved to attend the meeting in-person, will receive a separate confirmation email.

  18. Participant Responsibilities*

    I have read the Public Hearing Protocols and understand public participation may not be available on the day I select. It will be my responsibility to follow the hearing and make myself available on the appropriate day that participation is allowed.

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