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Dog License

  1. Dog License

    In order to enforce Itasca Code of Ordinances §90.15 and to ensure a safe community, we ask our canine-owning residents to fill out... More…


  1. Request for Records Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

    The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) makes government more transparent to the citizens of Illinois by guaranteeing access to... More…

Police Department

  1. Compliment an Officer

    The Itasca Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of police service possible. If you would like to compliment... More…

  1. Police Department Satisfaction Survey

    The Itasca Police Department, in partnership with our community, is committed to ensuring public safety through law enforcement,... More…

Village Hall

  1. Application for Reverse Commuter Parking

    This application shall be filled and submitted in order to apply for one of the nine (9) Reverse Commuter Parking Spaces on the west... More…

  1. Village Complaint or Compliment