How can Itasca get lower rates than ComEd?
The State of Illinois deregulated energy markets over 15 years ago. What is commonly referred to as the “ComEd rate” is actually a default rate, which is no longer established by ComEd, but by the Illinois Power Agency, which procures energy in the open markets.

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1. How can I enroll?
2. What is an eligible resident or small commercial account?
3. What is a “small commercial account?”
4. Is there a form that I will have to fill out if I want to opt out?
5. How can Itasca get lower rates than ComEd?
6. What is the current “ComEd default rate?”
7. Will I receive two bills, one from ComEd and another from the new supplier?
8. Whom do I call if I have service problems?
9. If I am automatically enrolled in the program, can I leave the program later?
10. What is ComEd’s 6-month “hold” requirement?
11. I am enrolled in low-income assistance program. Will that be affected?
12. I’m on ComEd’s budget billing plan. Will that change?
13. Can I still have my payment automatically deduced from my bank account?
14. Will someone come to my home or call to sign me up?
15. How is the Village able to get competitive rates compared to the ComEd rate?
16. Is my electric supply at greater risk now that deregulation has opened markets to many new suppliers?
17. Is any of the energy generated from renewable “green” sources?