Why Is the Village undertaking this project?

Water meters have an expected useful life of approximately 20 years. A significant percentage of Village meters have reached or exceeded this life span. New meters will allow for hourly readings from several centrally located reading devices, instead of the traditional drive-by method used today. This is ideal for early leak detection. 

Additionally, advanced meter systems are quickly becoming the standard for utilities around the country. These new devices allow for faster collection of water usage readings than the current manual method and improve safety conditions for Village staff. Introducing automatic meter reading as the standard for Itasca is one of the ways we can better serve our customers and improve the overall efficiency of the utility department. 

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1. What does AMI stand for?
2. Why Is the Village undertaking this project?
3. How will the new AMI water meter benefit me?
4. Am I required to participate?
5. Will my service be interrupted during the meter replacement?
6. Who will be replacing my meter and how?
7. How much will the meter replacement cost me?
8. Will AMI cause an increase in my utility bills?
9. Does the AMI transmitter run on my home’s electricity?
10. Will the transmitter interfere with televisions or phones?
11. Is my meter data secure?