How will the new AMI water meter benefit me?

Some of the immediate benefits of AMI include: 

  1. Village will be able to read meters on the same day each month, leading to reduced variance between billing cycles.
  2. Reduced costs in labor and equipment for monthly reading and special readings. The automation of the meter reading process will no longer require Public Works Staff to drive around the entire Village to collect the necessary data. This will also reduce the Department’s carbon emissions.
  3. Quicker response to customer question on water consumption. Water meter reads are currently conducted on a monthly basis. While this provides adequate data to allow for water billing, it makes the early identification of potential leaks nearly impossible. Once all AMI infrastructure is installed, meter reads can be conducted on a much more frequent basis (e.g. daily). This will allow for a much more robust collection of data over time and will help establish seasonal trends, potential leaks and a more detailed dataset for each account overall.
  4. This technology will also significantly reduce water loss throughout the Village at a time when Lake Michigan water supply allocations are being closely scrutinized, and it helps promote overall water conservation.

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