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Posted on: June 7, 2019

Multiple broods of floodwater mosquitoes expected across IL within two weeks

With May being the wettest on record and temperatures on the rise, we are bracing for an intense start to mosquito season in Illinois. If weather conditions hold, mosquitoes are expected to hatch off in the next 2 weeks, and nuisance levels will be high.

Residents should:

Tip & Toss any standing water around properties to prevent mosquito breeding. Larval source reduction is the single-most important thing residents can do to stay safe and comfortable outdoors. 

Avoid being outside when mosquitoes are most active (dawn and dusk). 

Wear long pants and long sleeves.

Apply a CDC-recommended repellent whenever outdoors.

Standing water and nuisance levels need to be reported so problematic breeding sites can be addressed. Please use Clarke's new online Resident Hotline to report this information to assist in control measures. Residents can also use  the online Resident Hotline to sign up for text or email notifications for scheduled adult mosquito control applications are scheduled in their area.

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