Zoning Ordinance & Related Documents

Zoning Ordinance Overview

The purpose Village of Itasca Zoning Ordinance is, in part, to promote and protect public health, safety, morals, comfort, and general welfare of the people. The Zoning Ordinance establishes standards and regulations for the development of land within the Village. From time to time, the Ordinance is amended due to various reasons. Recent amendments that are not yet codified in the zoning ordinance can be viewed below.

For more information, please view the Village of Itasca Zoning Ordinance (PDF).

Zoning Related Forms

Relief from the Itasca Zoning Ordinance may be sought by residents, businesses, and/or property owners. Section 14 of the Zoning Ordinance covers each type of relief and should be referenced prior to seeking any variance, special use, planned development, amendment, or site plan review.

To assist those seeking relief, the Village has prepared packets and forms for many of the types of relief: