Community Recommended Action

Safety Precautions
  • The following are Homeland Security Advisory System recommendations for individuals, families, and neighborhoods:
  • Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to proper Authorities.
  • Develop and review a personal disaster plan.
  • Review that your disaster supplies kit is stocked and ready, replace any items that are outdated.
  • Develop and review an emergency communication plan with family neighbors / friends.
  • Develop alternate routes to / from work / school and practice them.
  • If not known, contact the school to determine their emergency notification and evacuation plan for children.
  • Continue to provide volunteer services and take advantage of additional volunteer training opportunities.
  • Develop an alternate meeting place away from home for family and friends.
  • Have a neighborhood meeting in order to identify residents who are elderly or have special needs. Assist them in developing an emergency plan and disaster supplies kit.
  • Take a Red Cross CPR / AED and first aid course.