Building Codes & Permits


The Community Development Department is responsible for reviewing and issuing all building and construction-related permits and licenses. 

    1. Commercial New Construction & Addition Permit Checklist
    2. Deck, Porch, Gazebo & Shed Permit Checklist
    3. Driveway, Sidewalk, Stoop & Patio Permit Checklist
    4. Fence & Dumpster Enclosure Permit Checklist
    5. Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Permit Checklist
    6. HVAC, Electrical Service & Generator Permit Checklist
    7. Interior Alterations & Remodeling Permit Checklist
    8. Lawn Irrigation System Permit Checklist
    9. New Parking Lot & Configuration Permit Checklist
    10. Parking Lot Resurface & Repair Permit Checklist
    11. Plumbing & Hot Water Heater Permit Checklist
    12. Pool, Hot Tub-Spa & Detached Garage Permit Checklist
    13. Residential New Construction & Addition Permit Checklist
    14. Sign & Temporary Sign Permit Checklist
    15. Utility Dig Permit Checklist
Note: Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for plan review and permitting.

This notice is intended to provide only a summary of certain regulations and procedures pertaining to the issuance of a building permit within the Village of Itasca. Each applicant is responsible for full compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. Please contact our office at 630-773-5568 should you have any questions or concerns.