Dog Owners

The following are highlights of the Village ordinance covering animals. These include the responsibilities of owners for their pets. To read the full text, please click here

Section 90.10 - Dog and Cats: Numbers Permitted

 (A)   No person shall keep or harbor, within the corporate limits of the village, more than three dogs or cats over two months old on any lot or premises occupied by one family or more, except that any animal used as a bona fide seeing eye dog shall not be counted in determining the number of animals in a household. Different parties living on the same lot or premises or in the same building, or using the same premises, shall not keep or harbor thereon more than three dogs or cats; provided, however, that if the lot or premises is improved with or more than one dwelling unit, each dwelling unit shall constitute a separate lot or premises for the purposes of this section.

   (B)   This section shall not apply to duly-organized and approved pet shops, small animal stores, kennels, zoological parks, performing animal exhibitions, educational institutions, veterinary hospitals or animal shelters.

Section 90.15 - Impoundment

 It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police or other designated village employee to capture and impound in a pound each and every dog found at large, without a collar, tag or muzzle, as is in this subchapter provided. The Chief of Police or designee shall thereupon notify such owner of said dog so taken if the name of the owner is ascertained, and said owner shall be permitted to redeem said dog within seven days by paying all license and other fees then upon said animal, together with the sum of $5 per day for the cost of keeping such animal and the cost of advertising, if any.

Section 90.16 - Dogs to be Leashed

It shall be unlawful within the village limits to permit any dog to be in any public place or on any private premises other than the owner's, unless such dog is on a leash. 

If you would like to report any animal violations, call 9-1-1 for an officer response.