Water & Sewer Rates

The Village of Itasca is dedicated to providing citizens and community members with reliable, sustainable, and safe drinking water, as well as, environmentally safe treatment of wastewater. A thorough study of the water and sewer rates was completed in the fall of 2015 and found that the Village was experiencing constant annual declines in water usage of about 2.5% or an estimated $162,000 per year. The cost to annually operate the water and sewer fund, as well as, complete the critical capital projects that have been identified for improvement in the near future, was putting additional strain on the fund. These revenue deficits and annual expenditure requirements resulted in necessary action taken by the Village Board to address revenue shortfalls. The Village Board is confident that the measured approach taken to close this revenue gap over the next few years was implemented by the adopted rate schedule. On January 1, 2019, water and sewer rates will increase based off of the rates adopted in the fall of 2015. The chart below shows currently projected rates through 2019. 


Want to avoid paying late fees?

Pay Village Utility Bills Online or through Direct Debit. The Village offers several different payment options for residents to pay for their Water/Sewer bill. Residents can opt to pay online through the Village’s website, www.itasca.com, or by using direct debit through their bank account (no service fee). The online payment option is an easy-to-use process that allows residents to pay utility bills using a credit card. Online payment is secure, available 24 hours a day for convenience and is provided at a small convenience fee of 2.35% (2.85% if taken over the phone or at the counter) for using a credit card. For direct debit, funds for payment of a utility account will be withdrawn on the 18th, thus avoiding late fees. Authorization forms are available on the Village’s website. Payments may also be made in person at Village Hall, 550 W. Irving Park Road, mailed to Village Hall or placed in the 24 hr. drop box located in the Municipal Complex parking lot. For any questions concerning the online or direct debit programs, please contact Utility Billing at 630/773-0835 or email waterbill@itasca.com.