Mission Statement

The Finance Department is responsible for the fiscal oversight and financial management of the Village. Specifically, this includes cash management and investments, payroll, accounts payable, utility billing, budgeting, and debt administration. Major responsibilities consist of revenue collection and disbursement of funds. Revenue administration and collection includes licensing, fines, fees, utility services and local taxes. The Finance Department is dedicated to providing residents and businesses with exceptional government financial management.  


The Finance Department performs functions essential to the financial well-being of the Village. Staffing within the Department is comprised of four (4) full-time, three (3) part-time meter readers, and one (1) part-time accounting contractor. The Director of Finance is the Village’s Chief Financial Officer. The interim Village Treasurer is Julie Ciesla. As Village Treasurer, Ms. Ciesla also serves as treasurer of the Police Pension Fund.

Hours of Operation

The Finance Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Village Board’s Financial Goals

Financial goals are broad, fairly timeless statements of the financial position the Village seeks to attain. The financial goals for the Village of Itasca are: 

•To provide full value for each tax dollar by delivering quality services efficiently and on a cost-effective basis.

•To preserve our quality of life by providing and maintaining adequate financial resources necessary to sustain a sufficient level of municipal services, and to respond to changes in the economy, the priorities of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other changes that may affect our financial well-being.

•To maintain a strong credit rating in the financial community.