Runway Rotation Test Program

The 6-month test for the overnight Runway Rotation Plan will take place beginning in early summer 2016. In order to assess whether the Rotation is providing the intended benefits, we need to hear from you!

SOC experts will continue to analyze flight paths and noise monitor data, but this entire program is designed to bring noise relief to residents. If you’re feeling a reduced impact from the noise, we need to know so that we can make the rotation permanent. If you’re not feeling any noise relief, we need to know that too, so that we find out what’s not working.

For the duration of the 6-month Rotation Plan test, the Suburban O’Hare Commission will host a survey which residents are encouraged to visit on a weekly basis to report their feedback on overnight noise conditions. This data will be aggregated on a weekly basis by location and compared with the actual flight paths used during that time period to determine whether operations are having unanticipated impacts on residential neighborhoods. 
 Let us know how the rotation plan is impacting you