Truck Enforcement

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The Village of Itasca requires that trucks carrying oversize loads on all village-maintained streets obtain an overweight permit. The Village will no longer issue or accept "paper" permits for oversize and overweight trucks. The Village will be using an online service, Oxcart Permits Systems, to administer its truck permits. 

For more information, please visit Oxcart's website


Registration is easy: create an online account to take advantage of the benefits the Oxcart Permit System offers. Once registered, you can use the Trucking login section to access your account and take advantage of the online benefits:

  • Provides a simple to use online interface for requesting local permits.
  • Provides paperless permits downloadable to your computer or any mobile device.
  • Eliminates tedious paper processes, faxing and phone calls.
  • Speeds the process of permit approvals.
  • Features an online, interactive mapping solution to assist in route selection.
  • Provides online permit approvals pushed to your email inbox.
  • Provides an easy, online payment system.  


A full list of fees is available in the Village's Ordinance